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Posted by: dougsha on Dec. 16 2005,14:10

Checkout < Darwin's Revenge > -

Darwin's back... and he's MAD!
"Only by allowing DARWIN into your life can you throw away those CRUTCHES and overcome ANGER, BOREDOM, and STRESS. Once you open your HEART to the MIRACLES of Evolutionary SCIENCE, everything else will follow. CURIOSITY and an open MIND will banish all the old FEARS and lead you to a RICH and SATISFYING life! So don't delay be like the THOUSANDS of others who have taken DARWIN into their heart and brought the pure LIGHT of REASON into their lives!"
Human trials are underway of a new vaccine which may protect against the most virulent strain of the new ID virus.

The strain, known as ID-K (for Intelligent Design Kansensii), is currently only a danger to the faithful. However there are very real concerns that it could mutate at any time, allowing it to spread to non-believers.

"The danger is very real," said Dr. Olga M. Endel, of the CDC in Atlanta. "With more young people being exposed to the ID-K strain, the pathogen could jump the brain/reason barrier at any time.

Caveat: I am involved in building the site.

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