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Posted by: niiicholas on Dec. 08 2002,00:57

Here's a good example of a debate that rapidly focused on the ambiguities in the defn of IC:

< >

...other examples welcome.

Also, cites of IDists using/defining IC, SC, etc. in conflicting ways.
Posted by: niiicholas on Dec. 24 2002,03:34

In the "yes, IDists have in fact argued that IC precludes the existence of precursors with other functions" category:


There seem to be no obvious evolutionary forebears in nature, and certainly no fossil record, to explain how such a machine might have been selected for through a series of random mutations in some simpler flagellum-like structures.

"If you don't have intermediate structures, it could mean one of two things, " Behe said. "Either we just haven't found them, or they are not there. It's a good bet, with these biochemical machines, that they aren't there."


< Nature's diversity beyond evolution
Debate over 'intelligent design' >
Carl T. Hall, San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, March 17, 2002

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