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Speaking of answering questions:

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.


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Speaking of answering questions:

He swerves, he ducks and runs head first into the wall!

Henry J

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Quote (ChemiCat @ July 17 2017,10:21)
Speaking of answering questions:

He swerves, he ducks and runs head first into the wall!

Maybe he was written that way?


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Quote (GaryGaulin @ July 17 2017,06:56)
Speaking of answering questions:

MaceWumpusphilosophy of science, history of philosophy 1 point 19 hours ago

It seems that you have very little understanding of the character of either cognitive science or philosophy as a discipline---let alone the use of the specific terminology that you're applying here. I'm not sure where you got your misunderstandings from, but if you're interested in machine learning I would recommend the work of Kevin Kelly or Oliver Schulte. On probabilistic models of confirmation more broadly, the SEP page I linked in my original reply has a variety of sources. And on cognitive science, I'd suggest the work of Ned Block or Dan Dennett.

Those claims had little to no basis in fact so far as I can tell, and I know quite a bit about the relevant areas of the discipline; nor do you bother to cite any articles that evidence your position. The only conclusion worth reaching is that you're a blowhard and you have no idea what you're talking about.

I have to agree with Mace on that.

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