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Posted by: nuytsia on July 03 2009,01:14

Hi Folks!
Over the last couple of months myself and a former colleague of mine have been putting together a series of webpages covering the topic of seed conservation and seed germination and dormancy.

The germination and dormancy section is about 20 pages and discusses a little of what we currently understand about this area.

The pages have been created to support an online germination database. The germination testing is work being carried out by the < Tasmanian Seed Conservation Centre >. It's mostly native flora but there are some introduced species too. Currently we have about 2100 tests on 405 taxa but this will grow. Long term we hope to have test data for most of the Tassie flora and possibly more.

The database can be found here - < >
and the seed biology pages are here - < >

If you have an interest in plant science please do go check it out and see what you think.
Or pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested. Cheers.

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