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Posted by: Mr_Christopher on Nov. 01 2007,15:11

Over at PT an IDiot called bornagain77 stated that PvM's god was "too small" which got me thinking...

According to the IDiots, the Intelligent Designer has the ability to create well pretty much everything.  They claim the ID is the god of the bible.  

This is the same god who can create a man from dust, create a woman from a single rib (beef not pork), he can flood the entire planet, he can murder every single first born son in a given country (in one night), he can impregnate a teenage girl without even touching her (and thus avoiding a lengthy jail sentence), he can make an entire sea split, he can bring back the dead, and he even does a nifty ventriloquist act with a bush while it's on fire.  Ok, we're talking a mighty dude here, right?  Not so fast.

How come this all powerful deity is rendered impotent by a small group of soccer moms from Dover, PA and a few whacked out librull lawyers?  Seriously.  He creates EVERYTHING biological yet he cannot get his name mentioned in a simple high school biology textbook, can't even get himself in the curriculum.  All because of a few soccer moms.  That is a laff riot.

He creates all the stars and planets and do you see him in any astronomy textbooks books?  I mean without him we would not be singing "twinkle twinkle little star" to out children because there would be no stars. Right?  Without him we're be singing "twinkle twinkle little, oh never mind.  Go to sleep it's WAY past your bedtime"

Yet he allows a federal judge, a damn Lutheran at that,  and a few soccer moms to put him in a head lock until he cries "uncle".  Kinkier minds might imagine the moms grabbing him by his nipples and telling him to whistle before they'll let go.

I just find it odd that the intelligent designer is supposed to be all powerful and whatever yet he's so freaking impotent when someone stands up to him.  In fact he seems more like a p***y than a deity to me. And he relies on tards like the DI and Casey Luskin and Wilbur Dembski to take up his cause.  So the IDesigner is impotant AND stupid?

Anyhow, I think the IDiots should lay low when it comes to telling others that their god is too small, especially when their own appears to be a mental midget.
Posted by: J-Dog on Nov. 01 2007,15:32

Yeah, BAtsh&t77 is pretty insane.   I think he's over-compensating for other things lacking in his life.  I would gladly forward him half of the emails I get every day that promise to solve his problem.  

I liked your rant post BTW - It makes a lot of sense - which is why creao's like BAtsh&t77 will never get it.  They can't see by their initial socialization and indoctrination, so they are doomed to be laughingstocks and pin heads.  

Which is ok by me...except when they try to start preaching in schools, or running a country with their "gut reaction", or praying to a mythalogical construct for guidence on runnning said country.  Especially when it's my country!

You'd think Mighty Yahwe could at least deflect a couple of IED's in the Middle East, it's like his home field.  

What a complete powerless dufus He is.
Posted by: blipey on Nov. 01 2007,16:14

create a woman from a single rib (beef not pork)

I found the problem here.  Any ID who purports to be all-powerful yet raises a beef rib over a pork short-end is just putting us on.
Posted by: Erasmus, FCD on Nov. 01 2007,16:19

It's easy, everyone needs a foil to pull off their act.  Abbott had Costello.  Balki had Larry.  The Intelligent Designer has SATAN.


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