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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 09 2007,00:16   

Darwin Day, Dodos, Intelligent Design and Deity
Associated Content - Denver,CO,USA
At Ohio State University, in a talk titled "Evolution vs. Intelligent
Design in Court," Nicholas Matzke will discuss the 2005 trial and the
ruling by ...

Dr. Steve Fuller speaks to Eastern students and faculty about ...
Waltonian - St. Davids,PA,USA
"The relationship between the matter of intelligent design and evolution is
complex," Wilcox said, adding that he has some unanswered questions of his
own. ...

Austrian Cardinal Accuses America of Censorship in Evolution Debate
Lifesite - Niagara Falls,NY,USA
Schonborns lecture comes at a time of particular discord between the
scientific camps of intelligent design creation and Darwinian
evolution. ...

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