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Posted by: NewsBot on April 04 2006,07:25

New evolution proposal puts 'critical analysis' in all subjects
Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC,USA
.. EOC wants to add language requiring educators to teach students to
"critically analyze" evolution. ... This has nothing to do with intelligent
design or creationism ...
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In a letter to his friend and confidant Asa Gray in 1860, Charles ... - New York,NY,USA
.. And he was right in thinking so, says Robert Newman, an intelligent
design proponent and a ... is not good design, but it would be expected
of evolution by natural ...
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Doubts over evolution block funding by Canadian agency (subscription) - London,England,UK
.. "It illustrates how the misunderstanding of evolution and intelligent
design can go to all levels of Canadian society," says Alters. ...
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Speaker finds flaws in Intelligent Design,' discusses details ...
Pacer - Martin,TN,USA
.. focused her speech on two main parts: an explanation and definition
of evolution and an argument of why creationism (including Intelligent
Design) should not ...
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