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Posted by: MidnightVoice on Sep. 28 2005,09:19

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The Scientist (a magazine) has just opened a forum to discuss various aspects of science:

How do scientists communicate with one another and with the public? Is discussion becoming polarized, oversimplified or exaggerated? Here at The Scientist, we've had cause to wonder, and many recent events have made us feel that we all need a place to talk sensibly and rationally about the many things that affect us as a community.

Our discussion forums, "Talking Points", will enable free-flowing exchanges of opinions and ideas among members of the life sciences community. If you want to read, it's open to all. If you want to post, all we ask is that you become a registered user and log in. Registration is free.

We're launching "Talking Points" with access to three forums: covering the role of evolutionary theory in experimental biology, the question of researchers hyping stem cell research and the stories of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath - which we hope will become part of a support network for displaced scientists. We'll add other topics regularly.

To reprise the catchphrase of an old British advertisement: "It's good to talk."

One of the forums is:

Why do we invoke Darwin?

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Posted by: MidnightVoice on Sep. 28 2005,09:22

And could some kind Mod or Admin please correct my really terrible spelling in the thread title?  :D

Sorry about that.
Posted by: Henry J on Sep. 28 2005,09:56

Oh, just apply that "weasel" algorithm that gets discussed every now and then... ;)

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