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I am a firm believer in Intelligent Design and the Designer. While I stand in awe of Her imperfect designs, it is clear to me that She has some serious problems and issues, including Manic-Depressive Illness and Multiple Personality Disorder. The sooner the study of  Intelligent Design is introduced into the public schools, the sooner me might, just possibly, be able to get Her the help She needs.

Furthermore, since Christianity and the Christian Bible have had such an enormous influence on Western civilization, history and culture, the Christian Bible should also be STUDIED (not "taught"), ... seriously, honestly, openly and critically as part of the public school curriculum.


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If western government is so devinly inspired, then why teach the bible at all, just teach government. the fact of the matter is .. people are growing up, and learning slowly why it wasn't such a good Idea to have the bible as a road map for better living. Just look at our "western civilization,history, and culture!" We killed, dropped a bomb on milions in hiroshima "for god sake!"  who would jesus bomb now? you tell me? This country is grounded in fear, hatred, and an Idealistic know it all attitude, just face it, take a look at our leader. Jesus may have taught peace,"Love your enemy Like he was your own brother"in that i believe, george w doesn't and for that i am greatly dissapointed. The bible is not helping any more than it is hurting, just take a look around.


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Jesus isn't the problem, its radical fundamentalism that is.  If we all lived by the moral code Jesus espoused, then things would be great.  He didn't say take every single word of the Bible literally (in fact, he said just the opposite) and hate everyone who doesn't think exactly like you (in fact, he said just the opposite).  

And BTW, you seem to be knocking Western civilization.  Remember that our system is a product of the enlightenemt, not Jesus. And even though we end up doing some crazy things, its a #### of alot better than anything other government that has or does exist.

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