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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 09 2008,02:33   


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And nao invites us?

Happy Birthday!

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That's so fucking stupid it merits a wing in the museum of stupid. -midwifetoad

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Reciprocating Bill

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That guy's got a unique approach to reading the newspaper.

(Happy born on date, dude.)

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Ummm thanks?

I must be getting old. My birthday suit is full of wrinkles.

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Happy birthday!

You may have a peek beneath the newspaper of that old lady now.




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Hippo Birfday Two Ewes.

James 2:24


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Quote (Chayanov @ Nov. 09 2008,14:29)
Ummm thanks?

I must be getting old. My birthday suit is full of wrinkles.

Want to borrow an iron?

Happy Birthday.

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Linky“. ~ Steve Story, Legend

Timothy McDougald

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Happy Birthday :D

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