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Interesting.  Here's another one by the same folks:


A cytochrome b origin of photosynthetic reaction centers: an evolutionary link between respiration and photosynthesis

J Mol Biol 2002 Oct 4;322(5):1025-37
Xiong J, Bauer CE.

Department of Biology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA.

The evolutionary origin of photosynthetic reaction centers has long remained elusive. Here, we use sequence and structural analysis to demonstrate an evolutionary link between the cytochrome b subunit of the cytochrome bc(1) complex and the core polypeptides of the photosynthetic bacterial reaction center. In particular, we have identified an area of significant sequence similarity between a three contiguous membrane-spanning domain of cytochrome b, which contains binding sites for two hemes, and a three contiguous membrane-spanning domain in the photosynthetic reaction center core subunits, which contains binding sites for cofactors such as (bacterio)chlorophylls, (bacterio)pheophytin and a non-heme iron. Three of the four heme ligands in cytochrome b are found to be conserved with the cofactor ligands in the reaction center polypeptides. Since cytochrome b and reaction center polypeptides both bind tetrapyrroles and quinones for electron transfer, the observed sequence, functional and structural similarities can best be explained with the assumption of a common evolutionary origin. Statistical analysis further supports a distant but significant homologous relationship. On the basis of previous evolutionary analyses that established a scenario that respiration evolved prior to photosynthesis, we consider it likely that cytochrome b is the evolutionary precursor for type II reaction center apoproteins. With a structural analysis confirming a common evolutionary origin of both type I and type II reaction centers, we further propose a novel "reaction center apoprotein early" hypothesis to account for the development of photosynthetic reaction center holoproteins.

Did I mention that I really like accumulating the refs and links on topics like this in topic-specific UBB threads?  Quite a useful thing to have around IMO...

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