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Here's a recent article about Chl binding proteins.

FEMS Microbiol Lett 2003 May 16;222(1):59-68

Origin and evolution of transmembrane Chl-binding proteins: hydrophobic cluster analysis suggests a common one-helix ancestor for prokaryotic (Pcb) and eukaryotic (LHC) antenna protein superfamilies.

Garczarek L, Poupon A, Partensky F.

All chlorophyll (Chl)-binding proteins constituting the photosynthetic apparatus of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes possess hydrophobic domains, corresponding to membrane-spanning alpha-helices (MSHs). Hydrophobic cluster analysis of representative members of the different Chl protein superfamilies revealed that all Chl proteins except the five-helix reaction center II proteins and the small subunits of photosystem I possess related domains. As a major conclusion, we found that the eukaryotic antennae likely share a common precursor with the prokaryotic Chl a/b antennae from Chl-b-containing oxyphotobacteria. From these data, we propose a global scheme for the evolution of these proteins from a one-MSH ancestor.

This is interesting because I remember an IDist (math professor at University of South Carolina, can't remember his name) mentioning these antennae as something whose evolution was "implausible".


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