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These are some of the articles I have in my abiogensis bibliography.  I have mentioned to
Ian the notion of a collaboration.  While I am waiting for his reply, I am working on an
annotated bibliography.  Articles marke with an * are referenced in Wells’ Icons ...

*Castresana, Jose, Matti Saraste
1995 “Evolution of energetic metabolism: the respiration-early hypothesis” Trends in
Biochemical Science 20:443-448

Dismukes, G. C., V. V. Klimov, S. V. Baranov, Yu. N. Kozlov, J. DasGupta, A.
2001 “The Origin of Atmospheric Oxygen on Earth: The Innovation of Oxygenic
Photosynthesis”  PNAS-USA vl 98 no. 5: 2170-2175

Kasting, J.F.
1993 “Algae and oxygen in Earth's ancient atmosphere” (Tech. Comment) and B.
Runnegar “Responce to Kasting.” Science 259: 835.

Kolber, Z. S., C. L. Van Dover, R. A. Niederman, P. G. Kalkowski
2000 Bacterial photosynthesis in surface waters of the open ocean” letters Nature

Olendzenski, Lorraine, Olga Zhaxybayeva, J. Peter Gogarten
2000 “How Much Did Horizontal Gene Transfer Contribute to Early Evolution?:
Quantifying Archaeal Genes in Two Bacterial Lineages ” (Abstract) General Meeting of
the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

*Schwartz, Robert M., Margret O. Dayhoff
1978  “Origins of Prokaryotes, Eukaryotes, Mitochondria, and Chloroplasts” Science Vol
199 395-403

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