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If anyone has text access and could send me the pdf of the previous article I'd be grateful.  I did a google search but no one has put it on the web yet.


I did turn this up, though, dunno how I missed it before:

A Scenario for the Evolution of Hemostasis
by Kevin O'Brien


A Scenario for the Evolution of Hemostasis
by Kevin O'Brien

This is a revised version of an article that originally appeared in the newsgroup. It was composed in response to the following challenge:

Let's start with the clotting system. Tell us all how the IC core, consisting of fibrinogen, prothrombin, Stuart factor, and accelerin, could have evolved.

It is granted that prothrombin and the Stuart factor may have evolved from a common ancestor A by duplication and divergence, if A was autocatalytic.

References specific to have been removed and slight editorial changes have been made. - Richard Harter, editor.



I've often thought that such an article could be written, I just didn't know who would do it.  But someone has.

I recommend we attempt to get some version of this on if theyeti et al. consider it reasonable and if we can get permission (its a t.o. poster, I don't think that would be a problem).  

It would need a fair bit more editing though...

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