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An attempt to list the major relevant articles/books in the ID blood-clotting discussion:

Code Sample

Darwin's Black Box : The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution
by Michael J. Behe

Behe and the Blood Clotting Cascade (1997)
T.O. POTM on blood-clotting pointing out the sequence patterns

A Delicate Balance
by Russell F. Doolittle
Originally published in the February/ March 1997 issue of Boston Review

Behe Responds to the Boston Review
Letter to the Boston Review
by Michael J. Behe
(listed as copyright 1999, Behe originally posted the material to the Boston Review discussion bord in Spring 1997)

Finding Darwin's God, Miller (1999) link

In Defense of the Irreducibility of the Blood Clotting Cascade (July 31, 2000)
Response to Russell Doolittle, Ken Miller and Keith Robison
by Michael J. Behe

Design on the Defensive, (Fall (?) 2000)
Ken Miller's page responding to Behe's review of Miller's book

(Ken Miller evolution page:

Miller's response to Behe's (2000) "In defense of the IC of the Blood Clotting Cascade."
Introduction to Miller's argument on blood-clotting:
...linked from Miller's 'Design on the Defensive' (

The Evolution of Vertebrate Blood Clotting
Miller's "original draft" (longer description than in the book) on the evolution of blood-clotting. Linked from the above reference:

Comments on Ken Miller's Reply to My Essays (Behe, January 2001)
A response to Ken Miller, but blood-clotting isn't mentioned.

There may be additional relevant online articles, I will add them if anyone suggests them.

Thanks, nic

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