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Looks like this bit got nuked in the server crash.  The 1969 paper on Hagemann factor loss in whales has been cited, but there is an interesting 1998 paper:


Thromb Res 1998 Apr 1;90(1):31-7
Whale Hageman factor (factor XII): prevented production due to pseudogene conversion.

Semba U, Shibuya Y, Okabe H, Yamamoto T.

Department of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, Kumamoto University, Honjo, Japan.

In Southern blot analysis of the Hind III-digested whale genomic DNA obtained from the livers of two individual whales, we detected a single band with a size of five kilobase pairs which hybridized to full length guinea pig Hageman factor cDNA. We amplified two successive segments of the whale Hageman factor gene by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and sequenced the PCR products with a combined total of 1367 base pairs. Although all of the exon-intron assemblies predicted were identical to those of the human Hageman factor gene, there were two nonsense mutations making stop codons and a single nucleotide insertion causing a reading frame shift. We could not detect any message of the Hageman factor gene expression by northern blot analysis or by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) analysis. These results suggest that in the whale, production of the Hageman factor protein is prevented due to conversion of its gene to a pseudogene. The deduced amino acid sequence of whale Hageman factor showed the highest homology with the bovine molecule among the land mammals analyzed so far.

...obvious implications concerning the origin of whales...

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