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Following my own suggestion, here is a thread devoted to collection material/links/references relevant to blood-clotting and the claims IDists make about it.  As there is not yet a single webpage anywhere that has gathered all of the relevant material in a single place, this might as well be it.  Perhaps at some point it could be edited into a FAQ, or could inspired someone to write a FAQ (since much of the hard work of finding the references, IDist quotes, etc., would be done).

Specifically relevant would be things like:

1) blood-coagulation/clotting (or hemolyph coagulation for you invertebrates out there), especially e.g. webpages/literature that describe the basics in an easily understandable manner such that a FAQ reader could be referred there

2) references to articles/lit. on the evolution of blood clotting

3) Links to/quotes of antievolutionist assertions regarding blood-clotting, with commentary on problems if you are inspired

4) Links to the various webpages already out there rebutting IDist claims.

Awhile ago I did a search and dug up a pretty good starting reference list, I'll post that in a moment.


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