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rafe gutman

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 17 2002,22:24   

here's a link to a recent article on the discovery of lymphocytes in lamprey:

another post i found on ISCID:

a couple of interesting papers on the immune system have popped up recently:

1.  Mayer WE, Uinuk-Ool T, Tichy H, Gartland LA, Klein J, Cooper MD.
Isolation and characterization of lymphocyte-like cells from a lamprey.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Oct 29;99(22):14350-5.

this paper presents evidence for the existence of lymphocytes (cells intimately involved in the adaptive immune response) in lampreys, which don't have an adaptive immune system.  previously, one could have argued that rearranging antigen receptors and lymphocytes were irreducible.  now it doesn't look like that is the case.

2.  Uinuk-Ool T, Mayer WE, Sato A, Dongak R, Cooper MD, Klein J.
Lamprey lymphocyte-like cells express homologs of genes involved in
immunologically relevant activities of mammalian lymphocytes.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Oct 29;99(22):14356-61.

this article, the complement to the previous article, shows that the lamprey lymphocytes express genes similar to ones expressed in mammalian lymphocytes.  these genes are also involved in the adaptive immune response in mammals, so it's strange that they are present in lamprey.  incidently, both these articles are freely accessible online.

3.  Dodds AW.
Which came first, the lectin/classical pathway or the alternative pathway of
Immunobiology. 2002 Sep;205(4-5):340-54.

this article provides a model for the evolution of the complement system.  if paul wants to call the author's model "storytelling", he's free to do so, but now it's not just some random internet poster's idea.

i won't quote his model (it spans 2 pages), but he does say this about the model:

"the scheme outlined in figures 5 and 6 involves a stepwise increase in effectiveness of the system, each step giving benefit to the species involved."

since the time this thread began, probably a dozen articles have been published that support the notion that the immune system evolved.  has ID advanced in any way since then?

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