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Here is another Wells gaffe:


(4) In the 1980's, several researchers showed independently that peppered moths do not rest on tree trunks in the wild. The moths normally fly only at night, and before dawn they apparently take up positions high in the canopy, underneath horizontal branches. In 40 years of field work, only one peppered moth was found resting on a tree trunk in the wild. Although some uncertainty remains about where the moths actually do rest during the day, it is absolutely clear that they do not rest on vertical tree trunks.

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Michael Majerus took the trouble to respond to this himself:


4) This is just wrong. Dr Wells' who gives the impression in his response that he has read my book, obviously has not. If he had, he would have seen that in Tables 6.1 and 6.2 I myself have recorded 168 peppered moths on tree trunks or at trunk/branch joins. If Dr Wells' wishes his views to be taken seriously, he should ensure that his research is thorough.

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