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Philosopher/Historian of science, who has authored a PhD and several articles on Kettlewell's work, has weighed in against Jonathan Wells:


Cryptic designs on the peppered moth.

Rev Biol Trop 2002 Mar;50(1):1-7
Rudge DW.

Department of Biological Sciences, Institute for Science Education, Western Michigan University, 3134 Wood Hall, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5410, USA.

In a provocative recent book, Jonathan Wells (2000) decries what he discerns as a systematic pattern in how introductory biology textbooks "blatantly misrepresent" ten routinely cited examples offered as evidence for evolution. Each of these examples, according to Wells, is fraught with interpretive problems and, as such, textbooks that continue to use them should at the very least be accompanied by warning labels. The following essay critiques his reasoning with reference to one of these examples, the phenomenon of industrial melanism. After criticizing Wells's specific argument, the essay draws several conclusions about the nature of science lost in his account.

Rudge's webpage is here:

One of Rudge's articles is online:
(another version of this was published in something like the Journal of Biological Education

"Does being wrong make Kettlewell wrong for science teaching?"

from here:

Rudge's current and upcoming articles are listed here:

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