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I don't think this one's been posted yet.  

Gene. 2002 May 1;289(1-2):1-6.

SCAN domain-containing 2 gene (SCAND2) is a novel nuclear protein derived from the zinc finger family by exon shuffling.

Dupuy D, Duperat VG, Arveiler B.

The SCAN domain is a recently recognized protein domain that characterizes a subfamily of the Kruppel-like zinc finger proteins. We have previously described a novel SCAN domain-containing 2 gene (SCAND2) that does not belong to the zinc finger family. We report structural and sequence analyzes of all known members of the SCAN family and use these data to illustrate a model of gene family evolution. Most of the SCAN containing genes share common gene organization features that support the proposed origin for SCAND2 by disruption of an ancestral SCAN-zinc finger gene by a retroposition event and subsequent exon shuffling.

Here's their model:

[oops, can't post it]

Fig. 2. Proposed model for SCAND2 gene origin. (A) Insertion of a C1orf12 cDNA in the first intron of a SCAN-containing ancestor gene located in 15q25 allowed a shadow exon from C1orf12 to be spliced downstream of a SCAN encoding exon, thus producing a new protein product. White boxes: exons from C1orf12; Hatched boxes: exons from the ancestral SCAN gene; dotted box: shadow exon from C1orf12. (B) Alignment between C1orf12 and SCAND2 cDNAs. The inserted retroposon contains a consensus acceptor splice site located upstream of the C1orf12 original translation start site. Asterisks indicate differences between the nucleotide sequences.


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