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The most complete presentation of Nelson v. common descent that I can recall was a longish talk that I recall listening to online -- but I can't find it at the moment.  Is there a good online essay where Paul Nelson actually lays out the argument from "the genetic code isn't quite universal" to the conclusion "common descent is false [to some unspecified degree]"?

Here are a few links from various places.

PBS Charged with "False Claim" on "Universal Genetic Code"  From ARN.  The title says it all...

A "Dying Theory" Fails Again  Miller's response.

Reply To Kenneth Miller On The Genetic Code.  The DI's wacky response to Miller.

DI Fails Again to "Crack" the Code.  Miller's second response.

That's it for the DI vs. Miller spat AFAIK.  A couple of others:

Is Common Descent an Axiom of Biology?  This one's by Nelson.  Scroll down a bit and you'll see his genetic code arguments.

Should We Stop Criticizing the Doctrine of Universal Common Ancestry?  By our dear friend Jonathan Wells.  He uses the genetic code argument, along with a number of other really bad ones.  I don't think that Wells does much more than assert his position, but this is a good article to keep handy next time someone says that Wells accepts common ancestry, though he's ambiguous as usual.

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