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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 27 2006,22:17   

Dawkins campaigns to keep God out of classroom
Guardian Unlimited - UK
.. Darwinian evolution, condemned by the government as "not appropriate to
support the science curriculum". The packs promote the theory of
intelligent design and ...
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U professors take seats among the 2006 American Association ...
MSU Today - East Lansing,MI,USA
.. voicing the philosophical deficits in the pro-intelligent design
argument and ... studying philosophically and experimentally how science
and evolution work, and ...

Let us test Darwin, teacher says
BBC News - UK
Chemistry teacher at Liverpool's Blue Coat School, Nick Cowan, says the
packs promoting intelligent design are useful in debating Darwinist
evolution. ...

Intelligent Design comes to Blighty
Register - London,England,UK
.. England's schoolkids about their utterly unscientific counter "theory"
to evolution. For those who have missed all the fun, Intelligent Design
holds that life ...
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