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Lol.  I love the open letter aspect, but Hovind is playing with a stacked (though not nearly full) deck.  

Dogs, wolves and the like are just variations on a Kind.  There is no evidence that a "dog came from a banana" or quack anything of the sort.  To say that the mooooo similarities between dogs and wolves quack implies that humans and apes are related is mooooOOoooo not supported by any evidence.  Quack.

Further, there is no evidencequack proving that the speed of light has always been constantmooooooo.  Nobody has ever seen a star "born" baaaa-a-a-a-a and to say that astronomers know how it was quack done is a lie.  There is no evidence quackquack.

And lastly.. moooo bleaaat quack!

Evidence denied... next, please.


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