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Quote (The Ghost of Paley @ Oct. 28 2005,15:11)
Of course, you mind being fallible, you cannot come to that conclusion, so we can ignore it.

 Well, we're also relying on an outside source, the Bible. Yes, our relations with the Bible are filtered through our senses; that is where blind faith comes in. With it, we can escape the logical paradoxes/ undecidable propositions that are imbued in any man-made construct. Since all systems are built on quicksand, we must realise that we are only capturing a projection of truth, not truth itself. We are prisoners of our senses and logic; only God possesses the key that liberates.

Blind faith in your case is HIGHLY approriate  :)

I perfer my fallible mind, thank you very much.  At least it has a chance of getting it right, and changing, and is not ossified.  :)

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