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PLA writes,


Question for Nic:

Do you think Melendez-Hevia et al. 1996 have explained the origin of the Krebs citric acid cycle? In other words, should the rest of the scientific community now consider that problem solved?
I would say that they achieved a reasonably detailed approximation of the True Full Explanation.  Like everything in science, improvements are always possible.  Also, not absolutely everything one might want to know should be expected to be in that single paper, it is built on a large number of papers cited, e.g.:


References [cutting those not specifically on the topic]

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And research following this paper has advanced things even further:

Link to 175 related articles (some before, some after 1996)

A question for you, PLA: how much of this literature would you have expected to exist, if you relied on Dembski for your information?

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