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Well, C.J.O'Brien, say that to those who take everything written in the Bible literally. I don't. My statement was merely to show that the Bible, even if taken literally, doesn't state that Evolution is wrong, quite the opposite.

If it wasn't for a strong religious belief, Intelligent Design theory wouldn't have arrived on the scene, and now, when Evolution has shown to be true, a bunch of believers stick to ID and argue that Evolution must be wrong even though the evidence in favour of it is overwhelming. Why? Because they think that Evolution
is an argument in favour of the non-existence of God, whereas in fact it isn't and never has been.

To teach Evolution is even prohibited in some schools, because people believe that it contradicts their holy scriptures, and therefore shouldn't be teached. When science finds out in what an amazing way God created living things people are so narrow-minded that the evidence is neglected and even deemed the work of satan, even though it in reality doesn't contradict their belief at all. Since when did God become a part of his own creation? Because this is actually what 'Evolutionary Atheists' and proponents of 'Intelligent Design(in the usual sense)' in reality seem to believe, whether they know it or not.

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