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I don't say that this is new or different.
What I'm saying is that the 'Intelligent Design-Creationism' vs 'Evolution' debate is ridiculous. Science has never been able to disprove God before, so why should it now? Many atheists today became atheists when they learned about the theory of Evolution, and most proponents of 'Intelligent Design' think that 'Evolution' must be wrong for ID to be correct. Scientific facts are neglected because some people think that it contradicts their belief. The above mentioned argument is quite important, and even so, it is hardly ever mentioned in 'ID-Creationism-Evolution' debates.

Even the Bible stated that God created man out of earth, just as the theory of Evolution. Why would the Bible state that humans were created out of earth, when we clearly are quite different from the ground beneath us, if there wasn't any truth to it?

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