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I recently published 4 peer-reviewed articles that each propose design-based alternative theories to areas of evolutionary research and consider my research the link between ID and hard science. I believe that the detection of design is essential for an understanding of evolution, simply because design aspects are essential for any complex system. In this way, my approach is to reverse engineer Life. Future research should be able to tell whether natural causes or driving forces will be enough to create an intricate molecular machine such as Life. It will be a question for engineers, who in general are much more skeptical about the feasibility of reaching such a complex system in a relatively short time.

I consider my use of design patterns as the link between evolutionary science and intelligent design. It is based on the premise that Life is an evolving molecular machine, and when you try to understand how a machine works, you study its design. In case of evolution, which is the continuous expansion of the system, it only seems natural to study engineering and more specifically to study complex systems. If you want to understand complex systems, you need to study designs and design patterns. Although engineering concepts such as modularity have been recognized in evolutionary science , the application of these design patterns to the actual evolution of developmental pathways has been practically inexistent. This has led to the strange phenomenon that evolutionary scientists do accept the concept of an evolving molecular machine, but fail to think in mechanistic terms.

I have written several short pieces about the philosophical implications of my theories (below), which should be also interesting for students and engineers. I hope I can further interest you or your co-workers with my studies (see also below). My website also contains information about other articles I wrote.

For those interested, here are some links to my articles and opinions:

My publications in peer-reviewed journals: Albert de Roos' publication

Background on my articles: Evolution and design

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