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No one is debating that, nor does it contradict anything that I have said.  They may have a large number of coordinated moving parts, but the parts, the way they are coordinated, and how they move is completely different than anything anyone would ever consider for a human machine.  The problem is that sort of thinking can lead to additional two further lines of thinking that are not correct.  One is that it can lead one to think that the proteins are designed by intelligence, which there is no evidence for and considerable evidence against.  The other is that these will be analyzed with the assumption that they operate in a similar manner to human machines, which is almost universally incorrect.  I was showing that one of the key set of examples where this was once thought to be the case it really isn't, in fact it couldn't be further from the truth.  

Of course "highly coordinated moving parts" could apply equally well to many joints in the body, yet the evolution of complicated joints from simpler ones does not appear to be a significant matter of debate.

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