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Scott Beach

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Quote ("Rev Dr" Lenny Flank @ Mar. 05 2007,17:56)
Quote (Scott Beach @ Mar. 05 2007,13:29)
I stated intelligent design in the form of a scientific hypothesis for the purpose of demonstrating that intelligent design is not a theory but is at most an unverified hypothesis.  Someone needed to do that and I did it.  From that point forward, anyone who represents intelligent design to be a "theory" is lying.  And if they lie to you, nail them and refer them to my web page about the intelligent design hypothesis.  Please use that web page as a tool to stop the proponents of ID from lying about the scientific status of ID.

Yeah, that'll stop 'em right in their tracks, no doubt.


Like I said before, scientists, for the most part, make abysmally poor creationist-fighters.


The IDists refuse to define ID so I thought why not define ID in a way that includes natural selection!  How does this definition sound to you...

Intelligent design is the assertion that many billions of years ago an intelligent designer designed and created the universe, including the Earth and a form of life that has evolved, by natural selection, into the many different forms of life that exist today.

See the whole statement at

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