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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 05 2007,17:56   

Quote (Scott Beach @ Mar. 05 2007,13:29)
I stated intelligent design in the form of a scientific hypothesis for the purpose of demonstrating that intelligent design is not a theory but is at most an unverified hypothesis.  Someone needed to do that and I did it.  From that point forward, anyone who represents intelligent design to be a "theory" is lying.  And if they lie to you, nail them and refer them to my web page about the intelligent design hypothesis.  Please use that web page as a tool to stop the proponents of ID from lying about the scientific status of ID.

Yeah, that'll stop 'em right in their tracks, no doubt.


Like I said before, scientists, for the most part, make abysmally poor creationist-fighters.

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