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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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Quote (Scott Beach @ Mar. 05 2007,00:44)
I will not waste my time defending evolution.  I will demand that the IDists put their hypothesis and evidence on the record where it can be evaluated by the scientific community.

Alas, that is also a waste of time.  ID is a political movement, with political goals.  It has nothing to do with science, its adherents were not won to it by science, and they will not be won away from it by science.

No matter HOW polite you are, you simply will not win this fight by sitting people down and teaching them science.  It's simply not what this fight is all about.  Indeed, by treating this thing as a "scientific dispute", you are simply fighting the fundies on their own terms, and allowing them to set the agenda and the rules of order.

It's one reason why scientists, in general, make very poor creationist/ID-fighters.

ID is a political movement, with political goals.  People do not support those political goals.  So the way to beat the IDers is political, not scientific.  The science is, in effect, utterly irrelevant.

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