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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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Quote (Scott Beach @ Mar. 04 2007,16:57)
The proponents of intelligent design are intentionally misrepresenting ID by describing ID as a "scientific theory."  They should not be allowed to tell that lie over and over and I am trying to POLITELY stop them from lying by accurately describing ID as an unverified scientific hypothesis.

I think ALL of us are completely aware that IDers are just lying to us when they claim to have a scientific theory, hypothesis, or whatever.  The IDers don't give a rat's ass about "science".  They're not interested in answering any scientific questions.  They don't care about developing a better understanding of the natural world.  They present no scientific hypotheses or theories.  They do no scientific research of any sort.  They nothing at all scientifically useful to say. They're not concerned about any of that.  What they ARE concerned about is religious fanaticism, and the desire to use political power to enforce their religious fanaticism onto everyone else, whether everyone else likes it or not.  This fight simply is not about "science".  It is about raw, naked, political power.

They are liars.  Dishonest, deceptive, evasive, deliberate, calculating liars.

I see no need to be "polite" to them about it.

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