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I really don't mean to be disrespectful, but: Congratulations, your brain appears to be generally functional!

Some people do like the calming, balancing activity of the scientifically demonstrated calming, balancing act of participating in customary ceremonies, traditions, and ritual acts. Plus you get the psychological benefit of following your instinctive authoritarian leanings (as animals, our residual pack leadership bias).

I'm an atheist, but I really wish I could be a hard-core believer -- I think life would be simpler and make a lot more sense then. Instead, I have to settle with the natural beauty and awe of mere physical reality. I have a few grudges against natural reality at the moment, however, and I imagine I  could construct a supernatural reality that would be much more calming.

However, I can't really get past the "why should I believe in your god, when neither of us believe in magic fairies? Or Thor? Or Zeus? Or Invisible Pink Unicorns?"

So that's hard... Except the one, true FSM. May His Holy Noodleness Bless Us!

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