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skeptic griggsy

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Theistic evolution is an oxymoron, because it conflates natural selection [causalism] and telology .As Dr. Weisz notes:"End states are consequences, not foregone conclusions." Before that he notes""Causalism denies foreknowledge of terminal states,preordination,purposes ,goals and fixed fates." Therefore , there is an contradiction between causalism and telology such that theistic evolution is just obscurantism . Now to obviate that contradiction, theists such as Russell Stannard propose a two category classificatin of origins[ natural selection] or contingency and creation[teleoligy- God] or necessary being; but as Malcolm Diamond and Kai Nielsen note in their philosophy of religion books , that is a circular argument. Causalism does not need a divine intruder to work. That is just god of the gaps! :)    :angry:  :O

Fr. Griggs rests in his Socratic ignorance and humble naturalism. Logic is the bane of theists.

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