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Evolution Question Number One;

The theory of Evolution says that all life evolved from lower life forms. In other words, we came from fish. †Which of course came from even simpler blobs of something. †

Oddly enough though, evolutionists say that the whales (a mammal) evolved from a hoofed land animal called Mesonychids. †Textbooks describe these beasts as about the size of a hyena. †

The Mesonychids would have of course evolved from a reptile from a fish from a simpler blob of something, you get the picture.

Simpler to more complex life forms, that is the essence of Evolution by natural selection. †They call this; "speciation".

So, a simple form of life in the ancient seas evolves into a fish, which evolved into a reptile,which evolved into a land animal. †

Once it had accomplished this monumental feat, it then decided to get REALLY BIG, loose its' legs and return to the seas! †

Oh, and do not forget that it has to move itsí nostrils to the top of the head so they become blow holes so they can breath when they surface.

Question #1 †Can you show the transitional fossils that prove ANY of this?
Evolution Sucks

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