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[deleted] reposting formatting didn't work.

The thing to do would be to plot the daily normalized recapture rates (and capture rates of wild moths) for all the different experiments one could find (or at least Kettlewell) vs. days past full moon or some such.  Based on the Dorset 1955 data and on the daily (rather than aggregated into phase bins) Birmingham 1953 data it would appear that recapture rates increase as the full moon is decreasing.  Birmingham 1955 shows the opposite pattern however.

Better yet would be to plot nightly lunar radiance or some such vs. capture & recapture rates, and delineating different traps (pheromone vs. light) -- although, both kinds of traps could show a response as the moths could be influenced by moon phase regardless of trap type.

We should archive Tom Curtis' posts or maybe get him to synthesize them into a Wells FAQ subFAQ however, they are quite the debunking of Wells and Wells defender Steve Jones who does some really atrocious statistics...


PS: I find it hard to believe that there is no published literature on moon phase (and related factors, e.g. cloud cover) vs. capture/recapture rates for moths.  Those moth guys spend a lot of time hanging around at night...

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