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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 25 2005,23:41   

INTELLIGENT Design is not scientific theory
Napa Valley Register - Napa,CA,USA
.. their students "aware of gaps/problems in Darwin's theory and of other
theories of (biological) evolution including, but not limited to, intelligent
design.". ...
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JUDGE to rule on schools' policy
Winston-Salem Journal - Winston-Salem,NC,USA
.. read to ninth-graders at the start of a science unit on evolution -
in which evolution is described as "not a fact" and intelligent design
is mentioned as an ...
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DON'T apply Darwinism across the board
Daily Press - Newport News,VA,USA
.. leaves the wrong impression by suggesting that zealotry on both sides
is responsible for the ongoing controversy regarding evolution and intelligent
design. ...
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E-MAIL spurs debate over KU course
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
.. new standards that allow non-natural explanations of creation and cast
doubt on the theory of evolution. Proponents of intelligent design --
the belief that ...
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LETTER: Getting a clue
The Daily Astorian - Astoria,OR,USA
.. I would ask him instead, why does this sense of intelligent design
have to contribute to either evolution theory or creation theory, each
of which seems ...

NATIONAL report questions evolution standards in Va. schools
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
.. the state's science standards to raise doubts about evolution -- a
theory ... board who had supported adding a statement on "intelligent
design" to their ...

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