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Thomas Foley

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(Permalink) Posted: May 23 2002,09:44   

Hi folks.

For anyone that couldn't be bothered digging around on, here are the three "bullet points" that "Maureen" is petitioning for inclusion in the Nebraska standards:

Investigate and distinguish the data and testable theories of science from religious or philosophical claims that are made in the name of science.
(Suggested inclusion in Section 12.8.1, which is "12th Grade Standard - History and Nature of Science - Science as a Human Endeavor" or 12.8.2, which is "12th Grade Standard - History and Nature of Science - Nature of Science".)

Investigate and understand the full range of scientific views on biological evolution that exist.
(Suggested inclusion in Section 12.4.3, which is "12th Grade Standard - Life Science - Theory of Biological Evolution".)

Investigate and understand why some topics, such as biological evolution, may generate controversy.
(Suggested inclusion in Sections 12.4.3, 12.8.1, 12.8.2 or 12.8.3, which is "12th Grade Standard - History and Nature of Science - History of Science".)

Right out of the Discovery Institute's 'foot-in-the-door' playbook, by the looks of it, although "Maureen" says she has no connection whatsoever with the DI.

I e-mailed "Maureen" a couple of days ago and received quite a lengthy and very friendly reply, to which I'm in the midst of responding.

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