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BTW, Nilsson is interviewed in the PBS "Evolution" series, and the segment is online here:

Evolution of the Eye  

Zoologist Dan-Erik Nilsson demonstrates how the complex human eye could have evolved through natural selection acting on small variations. Starting with a simple patch of light sensitive cells, Nilsson's model "evolves" until a clear image is produced. Examples of organisms that still use the intermediary forms of vision are also shown. From Evolution: "Darwin's Dangerous Idea."

Salient points:

(1) "Computer model" or "computer simulation" is never mentioned, all anyone talks about is Nilsson's "calculations".  So the whole DI stink about this starting in 2001 was really about Dawkins, because the video represents Nilsson's work accurately.

(2) Nilsson does show a physical model he has constructed which allows one to "see" what the eye would "see" at various stages in the eye sequence.

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