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This rather interesting strategy in light of Jack Krebs' post to PT today.

If Lenny's strategy were adopted in KS, then all the schools would -have to- use the crappy KBOE state standards, rather than the non-approved but recommended standards of the legally disbanded SSWC.

Not a bad thing, perhaps, because as it stands, the KBOE can push the creationist agenda without much worry of the consequences. If their standards -were- being used, then I'm pretty sure some rational parents would file a suit in the same vein as Kitzmiller (Can't cite it as precedent, since it's not the same Federal Circuit). The parents may be able to name the KBOE in the suit, thereby, finally, making them responsible for their shenanigans.

The downside would be the cost to the school district where the suit was filed, unless the ACLU were to act like good citizens and waive their fees (as they ought to do for Dover).

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