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well I do'nt think you should be worried that much.

I myself live in the Netherlands and over here religion is losing its power over society.
I'ts actually popular to punch such anti-evolution theories in the stumach.

In my school for example, a respected (read: christian school) for HAVO and VWO wich wil give you the possibility to go studie in Universities like the Erasmus University after completion (HAVO: higher general preparing education / VWO preparatory scientific education pre-university education), you get a negative reaction (if you take anything even related to creationism serious, people make you look stupid.

Aside from not being taken serious in the socieity if you you base your theories abouth earth on relligion, teachers teach you to make a clear difference between fiction (creationism) and science.   'After all it is us who created relligion and God not God'.  You can see how whe changed and shaped God over the time. Everything whe can't explain in our own immagination is the work of God.   Some teachers will even say these other theories are dangerous for your development in general

Over here you can't imagine how it would be to be raised with a sharp christion edge on educatione, and I think its a good thing.

Also churches are getting more and more empty every year, even witch christmas they are far from full.

I myself think religion should not be totally erased from society, its importend for people to hold on to something. You can see the bible as a guide to take right from wrong. And i'm sure that some people have a good live following the guidance of this book.' But you take it to far if you base such theories as creationism on it.

I Also think it's very good that there are forum's like this, where you can talk about the effects of religion on science and the other way around. (remember when all of us christians tought that earth was flat?)

(i'm sorry for my English, but i'm getting better in it)

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