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The recent debates and attacks on evolution are worrying.  Not so much for scientists as I'm sure they can handle themselves just fine. What worries me is that much of the unneccessary debate is fuelled by the public's ignorance of science.

Face facts the average Joe in the street couldn't care less about Physics, Chemistry, or the Scientific Method for that matter.

Science is boring , and often taught in a boring and disinterested manner by grey faceless high school science teachers.

So what happens when passionate scammers with the gift of the gab come along and try to peddle their moral friendly science .  Well Joe Bloggs falls for it hook line and sinker.

It amazes me the number of times otherwise intellegent and reasonable people repeat some of the pointless creationist drivel, such as "If we came from apes why are apes still here?" and "Evolution is just a theory".

Fact is You lot are doing a shite job. Sorry to say it but its the truth.  If you lot can't get some of these basic ideas across to the public well we are never gonna get rid of the likes of Dembski et al.

So rant over, what can we do about it. Well I have several thoughts.

1) Don't treat people who don't understand science like idiots. (I do this alot and its a very bad habit of mine)

2) Be passionate about what you do.

3) Any other ideas??

I thought about putting a small simple web page up explaining the history of science for the lay person/ young adult. But i'm not a great writer maybe some of you guys could help me write it a bit better.

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