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Patterns in nature.

Are not atoms, every single one of them, in addition to being what they are, also a 'code'?

A configuration of nuclear particles, i.e. Neutrons and Protons, and a number of Electrons corresponding to the configuration of the nucleus? That is the code, the code that allow us to determine their properties. But they are not Newtonian balls of matter.

If my understanding is correct, atoms are quantum physical objects. That they "obey the laws of QM" may be an exaggeration, There ain't no such thing as Quantum Law, is there?

But when atoms assemble, create molecules, the bigger they grow, the less they appear as QM objects, and above a certain (blurrred?) level, molecules attain full membership in the Newtonian world?

The world would be a better world without the ID camp and their obsession with codes.

I am only speculating but I am not finished studying yet.

I want to know everything but realize there's a limit to what I can master. After so many years, I still am not comfortable with relativity

Rocks have no biology.
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