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Since you like Nature:
The Late Precambrian fossil Kimberella is a mollusc-like bilaterian organism

Indeed, here's one of my blog posts with 19 references to precambrian fossils.

Since 2012, Google Scholar reports 4000+ hits on Precambrian and fossils.

For example, here’s a new  Ediacaran organism that represents the oldest multielement organism with structural support through either biomineralization or chitin.

Here’s some prokaryote and eukaryote cells preserved in one billion year old lake sediments.

Here’s a new tubular Ediacaran fossil from India.

A discussion of the origin of Athropods, with 4 reference papers:

Here's an excellent discussion on the lengths that ID authors go to ignore certain parts of a paper that would directly refute them if they read the whole thing:

Your turn. Explain, in detail, what you think ID is, how it works, and how you know so.

Now I expect a minimum of 25 peer-reviewed papers that you have read and can explain in your own words that support the ID notion that you accept.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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