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Quote (Occam's Aftershave @ Nov. 15 2015,20:12)

Quote (Otangelo @ Nov. 15 2015,18:18)
 Then describe for us the powers and limitations of your Designer.  Tell us what discoveries would falsify the claim "A Designer did it".

I have explained that the designer cannot only tell the truth, and lie at the same time. Or create a square circle. He cannot do illogical things.

For instance, in order to top design, proponents of naturalism would have to be able to provide BETTER explanations in regard of all relevant questions of origins. So far, they have miserably failed.

For example:

The total lack of any kind of experimental evidence leading even to re-creation of life; not to mention spontaneous emergence of life… is the most humiliating embracement to the evolutionists and the whole so-called “scientific establishment” around it…

One good start would be to be able to come up with a highly likely scenario of abiogenesis....


Why do those things fall out of your ID claims when you admit you have no idea how a Designer would do things?  If we saw the exact opposite you'd claim the Designer did it too.

Who told you i have no idea ?

How exactly did God create things ? what process was involved ?

Looking at the account of Genesis 1:1 for just a brief moment, the words in that first verse are quite remarkable. They are indicative of the incredible mind of God. God says in that first verse everything that could have been said about creation and He says it in such few terms. The statement is precise and concise almost beyond human composition.

A well-known scientist named Herbert Spencer died in 1903. He discovered that all reality, all reality, all that exists in the universe can be contained in five categories...time, force, action, space and matter. Herbert Spencer said everything that exists, exists in one of those categories...time, force, action, space and matter.

Now think about that. Time, force, action, space and matter. That is a logical sequence. And then with that in your mind, listen to Genesis 1:1. "In the beginning," that's time..."God," that's force, "created," that's action, "the heavens," that's space, "and the earth," that's matter. Everything that could be said about everything that exists is said in that first verse.

Now either you believe that or you don't. You either believe that that verse is accurate and God is the force or you believe that God is not the force that created everything. And then you're left with chance or randomness or coincidence.

In genesis it says God spoke and things came into existence. God is a potent cause with power ( energy ) and his spoken word indicates information.  Because we do not understand and in a detailled manner how he created the physical universe, and life, does not mean God does not understand or can't. Mystery to us is not mystery to God, but we do know that God is not limited to His spiritual realm, as he shown with his becoming of flesh in Jesus Christ.

Making analogies between human designed things and terms with naturally occurring objects isn't evidence for ID. Creationist FAIL.

Why is it fail ? because you wish so ?

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