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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 15 2015,20:23   

Quote (Otangelo @ Nov. 15 2015,19:40)

I have read Meyer's book only partially. I know precambrian fossils exist. That is a non-issue. What does not exist, however, i repeat, are millions of intermediate fossils that should show a clear gradative increase of complexity in order to get to the cambrian fossils.

THESE DO NOT EXIST. Refute my claim, if you think i am wrong.

Ah, here it comes.  The demand for INFINITE DETAIL while providing exactly ZERO of his own.

Fossilization is extremely rare and gets even more rare the farther back in time you go.  Why do you IDiots think we should have a complete fossil record for events and creatures that existed around a billion years ago?  

The relevant question about them is : How are they best explained, through Design, or the ToE, or natural mechanisms ? ( since they had to emerge prior to life, since life depends on them, evolution is not even a viable option to explain their origin.

In my view, they are best explained through design.

The usual argument from personal incredulity.  "Gee, this is so complex I can't imagine how it evolved, therefore it must be designed".  Before you bore us even more do you have anything not based on your own ignorance or personal incredulity?  Any positive evidence for ID at all?

"Science is what got us to the humble place we’re at, and what hard-won progress we might realize comes from science, with ID completely flaccid, religious apologetics bitching from the sidelines." - Eigenstate at UD

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