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Quote (OgreMkV @ Nov. 15 2015,15:07)
[quote=OgreMkV,July 27 2015,11:56]

If you will look very carefully, you will discover (as I have) that there is no mention of Junk DNA by any ID proponent until well after biologists have given evidence for it. Even further, they don't explain WHY ID predicts junk DNA... or no junk DNA.

Mutations cause organisms to degrade (many ID proponents). Total failure. It's trivial to show that many mutations are positive.

etc. etc. etc.

Well, was coded, complex specified information and interdependent , irreducible complex systems predicted by the ToE ? Or where are the transitional fossils prior the Cambrian explosion ? Or that genes and functional parts would  be re-used in different unrelated organisms ? Where are the millions of intermediate forms that should be there ? Did it predict that DNA repair mechanisms would be found ? Or that adaptation to the environment, aka micro change, would be a built in mechanism in the genome ?

These findings are all in line with what we expect to find if a intelligent creator were in play.... and we did.

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