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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Oct. 01 2015,13:45)
Quote (MrIntelligentDesign @ Oct. 01 2015,07:50)
Quote (Dr.GH @ Sep. 11 2015,20:47)
I wrote the confidentiality agreement all the expert advisers agreed to for the NCSE.

I didn't put in a time limit, but as I wrote it, I think that 10 years is enough.

Actually, I read the court scripts from NCSE many times and I am planning to write science book about the SECOND DOVER-LIKE TRIAL in where both the supporters of ToE and my new discoveries will literally fight in the scientific court of law...

It would be the battle between science vs science, experiments vs experiments and reality vs reality...

It would be fun...

You have a plan to get past a Daubert motion?

The Dover Trial was a joke. Actually, if I'm a supporter of ToE, I will uphold and support Behe since Behe had just used Darwin's original idea of "complex" eyes...

According to you, DARWIN is one of the best scientist! arrrrggghhhh...

Darwin had thought that naturen is "simple eyes"


intellen is "complex eyes"...

therefore, "I am right, Hallelujah Amen!" according to Darwin!


And when Behe and others followed Darwin's complexity, they were ashamed! Lol! Of course, you cannot get any science from DARWIN!

That trial was error vs error and one error had won!! Hilarious!

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